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Coach Park Hang Seo is interested in the expanded World Cup plan

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2019 was a busy year for Vietnamese football. After the end of the Asian U23 qualifying round, our teams will also participate in the King’s Cup, the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and the SEA Games.

All three tournaments mentioned above are very important goals for Vietnamese football. Especially the World Cup, a dream that the country’s football has been waiting for a long time.

That dream becomes closer to Vietnam than ever when 100% of the 2026 World Cup being held in 3 countries in the US, Canada and Mexico will expand to 48 teams. Even the FIFA president also revealed that the expansion plan will be applied right at the next World Cup 2022.

world cup
FIFA is considering expanding the number of teams participating in the World Cup

If the 2022 World Cup has 48 participating teams instead of 32, it also means that the number of Asian teams participating will increase from 4.5 to 8. Thereby, the chance to participate in the festival. The biggest football in the world.

Sharing about Vietnam’s chance to attend the World Cup, Coach Park Hang Seo was quite excited:

“Obviously raising 48 teams to the World Cup is a motivation. If there are more seats for Asia, it will be an open door, a motivation for us. The Vietnam Football Federation also has to find ways to motivate players.”

world cup
Coach Park Hang Seo was very interested in the expanded World Cup plan

However, the Korean strategist also shows a rather realistic view on this issue:

“But we don’t see that opportunity coming to us all of a sudden. We need more experts to help. To participate in the World Cup, it takes a lot of people, many experts. I’m just a trainer. We need more nutritionists, physical therapists, doctors, psychologists… A complete system. It can be said that we are having difficulty, not yet prepared for this.

I can solve problems in the team but not everything. The things I just mentioned need experts in each field. In order for the Vietnamese team to participate in the Olympics and World Cup, it needs a lot of support, from the government and news agencies. Temporarily can be difficult, but be prepared gradually. Thus, Vietnamese football will advance to new steps. The World Cup is a really big tournament.”

To get a ticket to the World Cup, first of all, Vietnam needs to focus on playing well to qualify.

In September, the Vietnamese team under the direct direction of Coach Park Hang Seo will attend the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia. With the 16th place in Asia, Vietnam has the opportunity to be in the second group before the draw to divide the group is conducted.

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