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Koeman: To give up is to love, to be king is to sin

The hard 1-1 draw at home against Granada – the team ranked 17th in La Liga at dawn on September 21 made the news that Barcelona wanted to sack Koeman more and more appearing in the media.

In fact, that is not the story that is being talked about now. It is the result of a long process that the Catalan team has shown a pale, ineffective and lifeless face. The information about Barcelona wanting to push the Dutch strategist away came a lot after the club’s 0-3 loss to Bayern in the European Cup, and now, there is more reason to believe that this is the case. it will happen.

More than a week ago, specifically on September 13 (Vietnam time), in a statement to the media, Koeman confidently said: “I am happy here. Thanks to me, Barcelona has a future.”

barcelona koeman bo thi thuong vuong thi toi

Barcelona are going through really disappointing matches

And then, the answer to that firm affirmation of the Dutch captain was that 2 matches in a row the team he led could not win, even showing a disappointing face to the point of failure. lost both matches at home.

Losing a game in the Champions League is normal, not winning a match in La Liga is not such a big deal. However, the way that Barcelona failed and struggled to find an equalizer in the last two matches is really worth discussing. They could not create a mutation in the way of playing, lack of cohesion between positions on the field and lost effectiveness in the ball phase.

Barcelona broke up with Messi, now both are having a hard time not being able to live together. If El Pulga has not left any mark in Ligue 1, the representative of Spain has also lost its creativity and ability to explode when there is no M10 in the squad like in previous seasons.

barcelona koeman bo thi thuong vuong thi toi 2

And so, Koeman is in danger of being fired by the management

Koeman is a dedicated man, but he doesn’t seem to fit the way of construction at Barcelona. Pushing away Griezmann and bringing in Luuk de Jong, creating an attack where three-quarters of the names are 30 or older (Aguero, Braithwaite, De Jong) is really confusing in terms of perception and policy. shopping.

The Barcelona leadership is at fault because they are the main reason for Messi’s departure, but in fact even if El Pulga stays, it is not certain that the relationship between him and Koeman is good. The Catalan team plans to sack Koeman because of what he asserts is in stark contrast to the results on the field, because of the way the club performs in each specific match.

However, that decision has not been made because the leaders of Barcelona are still wondering about many things. It is true that Koeman has not been able to bring the giants back to their inherent position as they have been in the past, unable to help the club ascend to the throne in La Liga or go deep in the continental arena.

But no matter what, he is still a dedicated person to the team, full of life and a former player at the club. In fact, Barcelona is currently not a very strong team, especially when Messi is gone. Maybe the philosophy that Koeman applies is not suitable, but whoever replaces this man, it will not be easy for them to revive a club that is facing as many challenges as Barcelona.

barcelona koeman bo thi thuong vuong thi toi 3

Barcelona and Koeman are in the situation of “Leave is hurt, king is guilty”

Over the past 17 years, the Catalan giants have gotten used to having superstar Messi in their squad so that whenever needed, he will shine. Now, life without M10 needs more time for them to adapt and get over it. More than that, sacking Koeman now, Barcelona will have to pay up to 12 million euros in compensation for breaking the contract ahead of time.

How difficult the team is financially, perhaps everyone understands, so every decision made at this time is carefully considered by the leadership. The above money will be lost “easily”, but the team’s achievements and the trust of the fans are really important.

Whether Koeman will be fired or not, no one can answer except president Joan Laporta and associates in the Barcelona leadership. At least, at the moment, the Catalan team is in a situation of “letting go, loving, king is guilty”, because Koeman’s love for the club is undisputed, but keeping him is The way back to the old glory is also not easy.

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