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Koeman extraordinary press conference

During the press conference before the match between Barca and Cadiz, within the framework of the sixth round of La Liga, coach Ronald Koeman did not answer any questions from reporters. Instead, the Dutch strategist prepared a speech about 300 words long to read before leaving.

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Koeman quickly left the pre-match press conference against Cadiz

In his speech, Koeman mentioned the financial hardship that has eroded Barca’s forces, resulting in poor performance on the pitch.

“Hello everyone, the team I took over as head coach is in the process of rebuilding. The financial situation of the team is closely linked with sports activities and vice versa, so the reconstruction process takes time due to the lack of large economic support.

The reconstruction we are undertaking deserves unconditional support, in words and deeds. I know the media recognizes this because not for the first time in history, Barcelona has undergone reconstruction.”

According to the Spanish press, the Dutch coach is in danger of being sacked if Barcelona cannot beat Cadiz on Thursday. The candidates to replace Koeman are ready include Xavi, Roberto Martinez, Antonio Conte and Philip Cocu. . The poor performance on the pitch is only one part, the main reason comes from the conflict between president Joan Laporta and coach Ronald Koeman, when he once said Laporta “talks too much” and “thanks to me, Barca has a future. .”

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The relationship between Koeman and Laporta is getting strained

In his brief speech, it was understandable that Koeman was expressing his displeasure with President Laporta. He repeatedly emphasized the weakness of Barca’s financial system leading to the team’s poor performance on the pitch.

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In the opposite direction, President Joan Laporta can let the Dutch strategist lead the team to finish 2 matches against Cadiz (September 24) and Levante (September 26). If Barca continues to play poorly, the Nou Camp team is ready to fire Koeman even though the money to liquidate the contract is not cheap, especially when they are having financial difficulties.

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