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Comment Furth vs Bayern 01h30 on September 25, Bundesliga

Identify Furth vs Bayern

Furth is the newly promoted team in the Bundesliga this season. Therefore, according to football betting experts today, the reception of the defending champion Bayern in round 6 is really the ultimate challenge for the Sportpark Ronhof team.

In the past, Furth has met Bayern a total of 11 times in all competitions. And the data from online scores shows that the results were dire for Furth. They drew only 1 time, the rest lost 10 of the above 11 matches against Bayern.

.’s recent form Furth vs Bayern

The joyful atmosphere of a newly promoted team soon died out with Furth. They are not honeymooning in Budesliga this season. According to the bundesliga, Furth has lost 4 of the 5 matches played since the beginning of the season. They only had 1 draw, when holding a team that only worried about relegation in the Bundesliga last season, Arminia Bielefeld with a score of 1-1 in round 2.

nhan dinh furth vs bayern 25 9 2021

That said, the Bundesliga soon proved that this is not the land for Furth. And Bayern, the defending champion of this tournament, is not a name that Furth should meet, especially at a time when they are extremely confused and stand at the bottom of the table like now.

The last time he came to be Furth’s guest, in 2012, Bayern also beat the host to 3 goals without removing. According to the 88th ball, although this match Bayern accepts Furth very deeply, to 2 3/4 left according to the Asian rafters, you should still believe in the top team. By statistics from 7m livescore recorded, there have been 12 consecutive matches that Furth has not won the Asian match, in which they left players empty-handed in 10 matches.

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In contrast, Bayern with a super attack, is accepting all kinds of handicaps. Always being the top team and accepting the opponent very deeply according to the Asian rafters, but Bayern still brings money to those who place their bets in the nearest 5 in all arenas. Away from home, coach Julian Nagelsmann’s team also won the last 4 Asian matches.

It is possible to believe in a bold victory with a difference of 3 or more goals for Bayern in this trip. Especially when Furth also did not win the Asian match in all the last 4 official home matches.

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