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Barca is about to fire, who can replace Koeman?

Recently, Barca continued to dive deep into the crisis and prolong its disappointment in the La Liga arena. Returning to the home field to welcome the opponent in the lower group of the rankings is Granada, but instead of taking all 3 points with a jubilant victory, everything is completely opposite.

The Camp Nou home team conceded a goal right from the second minute of the game, stuck for the rest of the time and could only salvage the score thanks to Ronald Araujo’s goal. This loss-like draw left Barca in the 7th position in the table, 5 points behind the leader Real Madrid despite playing one game less.

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Barca is disappointing this season

Immediately after the Granada draw, Ronald Koeman’s future was again revealed by the Spanish press and media. Previously, the Dutch military leader was rumored to receive a dismissal after a 0-3 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League arena. However, things then calmed down with the decision of the president Joan Laporta at the extraordinary meeting.

However, with the current poor situation, it is difficult for coach Koeman to keep his hot seat. Many reputable sources in Spain also confirmed that Barca had fired Koeman and everything will be announced to the media soon. So in the event that Barca terminates the contract with the Dutch military leader, which name will be able to take on the shaking position at Camp Nou right now?

Xavi Hernandez

It is not anyone else but Xavi Hernandez who is the No. 1 candidate to replace Coach Koeman in charge of the hot seat at Camp Nou. Currently, the Spanish legend is leading the Al Sadd club in Qatar. Xavi is also doing a great job as a coach after impressing last season and starting the 2021/22 season with an impressive win on opening day.


Xavi can return to lead Barca whenever he wants

Before that, he had renewed his contract with Al Sadd and in the contract between the two sides there was a clause that allowed Xavi to move to Barca whenever he wanted. With Koeman’s current situation and not-so-impressive results recently, the possibility of Xavi re-appearing as Barca’s head coach is entirely possible.

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The Spanish military leader has shown great progress in training ability over the past time and is able to steer the current Barca ship. He has also won 6 titles with Al Sadd since taking office at this team in 2019.

Jordi Cruyff

Jordi Cruyff is the son of Johan Cruyff, legend and immortal saint of Camp Nou. Currently, he is taking on the role of Barca’s leadership consultant.

However, the son of Saint Cruyff is also known for his ability to lead and coach players. Many reputable sources in Spain also said that Jordi Cruyff’s role could completely change in the event Barca sacked Koeman.

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An interesting choice of Barca for his hot seat?

Recently, Jota Jordi, a reputable journalist of El Chiringuito also posted a forum to reveal that Cruyff would be Barca’s interim coach if this team decided to terminate the contract with Koeman. Before coming to Barca as a consultant, Jordi Cruyff had coached several clubs in China and Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel, taking them to 29 wins in 50 matches.

Erik ten Hag

While that’s unlikely at this point in the season, it’s not impossible in the case of Erik ten Hag. This military leader has just renewed his contract with Ajax, but in the event that Barca earnestly invites, the contract may be changed. In fact, before the appointment of Koeman, it was Erik ten Hag who was the number 1 target of Barca’s BLD for the position of head coach.

Pep Guardiola in a recent statement also frankly gave advice to Barca’s BLD about appointing Erik ten Hag. The current coach of Man City highly appreciated the talent and football philosophy of his colleague and affirmed that this will be a piece to bring Barca back to its inherent position.


Pep Guardiola has recommended ten Hag to Barca’s Board of Directors

In fact, Erik ten Hag is a perfect name for Barca at the moment. The 51-year-old leader possesses an attacking football philosophy very similar to what Barca has been pursuing. He was with Ajax to stir up the 2019 Champions League and almost participated in the final of the tournament that year.

In the Dutch league, Erik ten Hag has also won 5 domestic titles since 2017. In addition, it is Erik ten Hag who has developed and elevated Frankie de Jong, the player who is considered the nucleus and the the future of the Camp Nou team.

Marcelo Gallardo

Gallardo is probably the strangest name on the list of hot seat candidates for Barca at the moment. This leader currently leads River Plate Club and is highly appreciated for his professional ability and coaching style. Before that, Barca had many times offered to invite but Gallardo refused. However, this time it seems to be different from this talented captain.

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Gallardo is storming in South America

Despite storming in South America, Gallardo’s weakness is that he has never led or worked for any club in Europe. With River Plate he has won 12 titles with River, including two Copa Libertadores cups since 2014.

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