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Barca fans demanded to chase Koeman for pushing Pique to kick striker

After a humiliating 0-3 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, Barca turned their focus back to La Liga with the welcome of Granada at the Nou Camp. Barca had dropped to 10th place in the rankings before the match was played. And fans of the Catalan giants expect that they will be able to close the gap with the two Madrid teams with a victory over Granada.

But things did not go so smoothly when Barca had to concede a goal in the 88th second after Domingos Duarte’s header hit Ter Stegen. The home team then had to work hard to get 1 point thanks to the flash of Ronald Araujo in the 90th minute of the match.

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Barca continued to disappoint with the draw with Granada

The disappointing result made Barca fans feel extremely angry after the match ended. Especially after Ronald Koeman was called up for an emergency meeting with the team leadership.

In addition to the final score of 1-1, the fans of the Nou Camp team also expressed their dissatisfaction with a decision of Koeman and expressed their desire to fire the Dutch strategist immediately. on social networks.

Specifically, in the last 15 minutes of the match, after changing his scheme with the introduction of Luuk De Jong on the field, Koeman continued to make a strange decision to push Gerard Pique to kick the striker with the striker. Netherlands.

Here are the status lines shared on Twitter by Barca fans:

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Put Pique on the striker, Koeman has lost his mind

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What is this I am watching. Ronald Koeman is so amateur, he really put Pique as a striker. I have never seen a failure this bad from a coach

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Koeman needs to be fired. How can Pique play as a striker?

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Now Pique is a striker and Koeman is no longer a coach…

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Win or lose, there’s no way to save Koeman’s life? There’s no way Barca fans wouldn’t protest after seeing Pique play a pair of strikers with Luuk De Jong

Video highlights Barca vs Granada – La Liga 5th round:

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